Safety First


Safety First

Trampolining is statistically much safer than many sports- figures show that incident rates in trampolining are typically 2 in 1000 compared to 21 in 1000 when playing football. Yet, it is still a fairly extreme sport and is comparable in risk to other sports like skate-boarding, snow skiing, ice hockey and football. Therefore, here at Jump Ninja we are extremely careful about keeping all our jumpers safe. Here’s how we keep you safe and what you can do to help us…

  • All jumpers must watch the Jump Ninja Safety Briefing Video even before swapping their shoes for the special grip socks. Please follow all the rules and instructions in the Jump Ninja Safety Briefing Video.
  • All our highly trained Jump Guards are always on patrol to ensure everyone is observing the park rules at all times. Please follow their advice and guidance at all times- they are trained to predict and prevent incidents.
  • All our Jump Guards are level 3 First Aid trained.
  • All jumpers must be responsible and only attempt tricks reasonable for their fitness and ability level.
  • Jumpers must not attempt moves that are beyond their ability.


Grip Socks

Grip ‘em up!

All jumpers must wear our special Jump Ninja grip socks to jump in our park. Our socks have grips on the underside which minimise the risks of slips and falls. And remember, better grip means better jumps and tricks. We will provide you with one pair of Jump Ninja grip socks for £1.75. Once you have bought a pair you can re-use them on future visits to Jump Ninja Trampoline Park as long as they are in good condition.


We do not allow socks from other trampoline parks to be used in Jump Ninja Trampoline Park as we cannot guarantee that they conform to our strict safety requirements.

No Ordinary Trampolines

Here at Jump Ninja, our trampolines bear no resemblance to your basic, everyday back-garden trampolines. In-fact, none of our apparatus do! All of the Jump Ninja trampolines and activity apparatus are wholly bespoke engineered constructions ensuring truly unique designs for optimal fun and safety.

The trampoline beds are connected to safely-secured steel infrastructure, and are surrounded by rebounding side walls set at a 55 degree angle to the surface- a design that enables the jumper to literally bounce off the walls like a ninja! The strategically shaped 7ft beds ensure safe jumping. The springs are covered with extra thick commercial grade padding and the jump areas are surrounded by reinforced safety netting.

Visual Safety

Our entire park is installed with state of the art HD CCTV cameras to ensure all our jumpers are in a safe and secure environment. This also enables our Jump Guards to make sure all jumpers are adhering to park rules at all times for the health and safety of all our visitors.