Air Bag


Things just got epic… 

Our humongous Airbag awaits your awesome ninja jump skills!

Want to get some serious air or practice some tricks with a more forgiving landing? Our gargantuan 12metre x 6metre airbag is waiting- all you have to do is sense the fear, visualise the moves in your mind and then go for the launch. The Jump Ninja airbag is one of the biggest in the UK and allows for a safe and comfortable landing – our airbag can withstand the weight of a family hatchback car!

The fun and excitement does not stop there… Get some serious air between you and the airbag by jumping off our 2metre high jump platform. You must be a minimum height of 1.2metres to use the jump platform.

Humongous 12 metre x 6 metre Airbag!


Our Airbag is made out of the highest quality, fire resistant and sustainable materials. Every single detail is manufactured precisely with scientific functions. There is an enormous amount of air chambers that fill the whole bag. The air pump is outside the bag and can be regulated according to the temperature and intensity of use, whereby the softness is determined with a speed controller on the pump. In simple terms, this means you can stand up right away after jumping onto the airbag which makes it much easier for you to get off the airbag and for the next person to have a go. This speeds up the number of jumps you get and minimises long queues. Our Airbag is internationally certified and specially designed to adhere to all standards by governing associations such as the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP).


All jumpers must be responsible and only attempt tricks reasonable for their fitness and ability level. Please do not aim to land head first in the Airbag. Exit the airbag as soon as you can after landing. Follow the instructions in the safety briefing video and the guidance of the Jump Guards at all times. Remember to complete the waiver online or in-store before jumping.